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Results | Integrated Executive Solutions


There are no two companies alike.  Each company enjoys its own unique advantages and has its own challenges.  Your company’s opportunities for growth and improvement will be different in type and scale.  Here are some examples of results experienced by actual companies:

  • Established a database of thousands of customers used for e-mail marketing purposes.  This database saved several $100,000 in annual marketing costs and helped increase the value of the company.
  •  Implemented a “Preventive Maintenance” program for a service company.  This initiated two in-home visits per year for each customer which created a recurring future revenue source.  In addition, this helped to increase the company’s value.
  •  Created a Service Department within a company which added over $2,000,000 of recurring annual revenue.  This has also increased the company’s value.
  •   Expanded a company’s product offerings to include a new business segment which recently generated over $1,800,000 in annual sales.  This is a recurring revenue center which has increased the value of the company.
  • By focusing on making safety the #1 goal, dramatically reversed a company’s poor safety record which resulted in lowering the Worker’s Compensation Experience Modification from 1.37 to 0.67.  This resulted in a reduction in Worker’s Compensation insurance expense of over $500,000 per year which resulted in several millions of dollars of cumulative, annual savings.
  •  Reduced inventory from over $500,000 to $40,000.  This also reduced the risk of shrinkage, obsolescence, and eliminated the carrying costs and administrative time spent tracking and reconciling product.
  • Dramatically reduced the DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) from 54 days to 27 days by focusing on tighter billing and collection processes.
  • Directed the process of a company becoming ISO 9001:2008 certified.
  • Reversed a P & L loss in excess of $1,500,000 in one year to a profit of over $700,000.00 the following year.

What opportunities do you have to generate additional revenue, lower costs, and add value to your company?  Let Integrated Executive Solutions lead the way.