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Momentum – Get Some | Integrated Executive Solutions

Momentum – Get Some

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Momentum – Get Some

When I was in grade school, we used to ride around the neighborhood on our bikes; they were single speed bikes.  When we got to Jr. High school, most of us “graduated” to 10-speed bikes.  What a concept.  Starting from a dead stop with a single speed bike was a big chore.  With the 10-speed bike, it was somewhat easier.

You would start out in 1st gear – then systematically move up through each gear as you gained more and more momentum.  When you got to 10th gear – you were able to move a great distance and at great speed with just a single pedal stroke.  The key was to gain momentum – and keep it as long as possible.

The same holds true in business.  It’s hard starting out, but with time and experience and a focus on the right business processes and practices, momentum is gained.  With proper focus and discipline, your business will gain momentum.

Everything you do in business will either impair or hasten your momentum.  Next time you have to make a decision (which is daily), ask yourself “Will this increase or decrease my momentum?”

Take care to build and maintain momentum in your business.  Does this sound good to you?

Think about it!